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Consulting ENGINEERS since 1963
Hans-Erich Drexler & Manfred Schidlo

IGIP’s founders

A little more than 50 years ago, IGIP was founded in Darmstadt by a road engineer, Manfred Schidlo, and a water engineer, Hans-Erich Drexler.

In 1964, a short year later, IGIP began designing the water supply scheme of Istanbul, Turkey, and in 1967, started to work on its first project on the African continent: an extension of the water supply system of the Central African Republic’s capital, Bangui.

 Over the past half century, IGIP has grown and developed into a multinational group that improves basic services and accompanies development in various parts of the world.

The leaders of IGIP Group
To celebrate its achievements, IGIP organized three 50-year anniversary events last year:
  • In July, a gala with the CEOs and managers of the BIHSE Group companies and Heads of Departments
  • Early September, a formal dinner with the nine members of BIHSE’s Supervisory Board.
  • Late September, a barbecue gathering with the employees of IGIP and GITEC.
 An IGIP-GITEC team meeting in 2012

An IGIP-GITEC team meeting in 2012