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  • Health (PH)

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Business Areas

Our fields of activity

Water & Sanitation

Are you committed to providing quality and sustainable water and sanitation services to your customers? Are you responsible for defining and implementing long-term water and sanitation sector policies? Are you engaged in helping communities and countries achieve water supply security and gain access to improved sanitation facilities?

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Waste & Energy

Are you looking for a specialized engineering consultant operating in the fields of waste technology, waste management, contaminated sites, geotecnics, geology and hydrogeology, environmental planning and knowledge transfer?

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Environment & Climate Change

Are your investment policies and practices climate-resilient? Is your development programme climate-proof? If you are working in the field of sustainable business development then we can help you face the future with confidence. 

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Development Assistance

Are you involved in the provision of basic services such as drinking water, sanitation facilities, schools, health centers? Either as a national or regional institution developing sector policies and strategies in a changing environment? Or as a local organisation directly responsible for managing communal and community infrastructures?

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Transportation & Construction

Sound infrastructure is the core of any development project. Whether you are extending or rehabilitating road networks, building healthcare or education facilities, upgrading housing schemes, or planning urban development, the infrastructure that you lay down is vital for economic and social development.

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Natural Resources & Rural Development

Are you implementing a rural development project? Improving rural livelihoods, increasing food security and promoting the sustainable management of natural resources are the core goals of our Natural Resources and Rural Development Department.

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Are you involved in diagnosing and improving the state of health of a population? As a public body in charge of health, a development agency or a NGO, you surely recognise that setting up and reinforcing efficient health systems is both a priority and a challenge.

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