Are your investment policies and practices climate-resilient? Is your development programme climate-proof? If you are working in the field of sustainable business development then we can help you face the future with confidence. 

Our clients are private investors, financial institutions, foundations, public organisations, NGOs and development agencies. We help them future proof their policies by adopting practices and programmes that can withstand the negative impacts of climate change, climate variability and extreme weather events.


How our experts can help you
  • In-depth knowledge of environment and climate change markets that helps you identify climate change adaptation needs, opportunities and solutions.
  • Strong record in combining commercial work with policy dialogue in environment and climate markets since 2007 means we are well placed to support your climate change and sustainability program.
  • Excellent in-house research skills developed through years of preparation of market research reports for international renewable energy investments (e.g. energy, renewable energy, biogas, wind, environmental investments, waste management and fertilizers) give your project a firm footing.
  • Expertise in evaluating and assisting with carbon mitigation in development projects.

Expertise in renewable energy development

We have strong expertise in evaluating and assisting with renewable energy project development, having sharpened our skills and knowledge through experience in securing offsets for carbon projects.

Offsets have been developed according to the highest voluntary market standards such as Gold Standard, VCS and Social Carbon with an ecological and holistic approach. So far we have assisted with the sales of more than 1 million units of VERs (i.e. tonnes of CO2 equivalent) to international clients. With over 30 registered voluntary carbon projects, we have deep knowledge and experience of all the different phases of renewable energy project development. From undertaking all the necessary studies and investigations, to help with planning and implementation, we can support your project every step of the way.

Climate change training and planning

Increasingly, governments, institutions and private companies are preparing to evaluate and face the impacts of climate change. Our experts provide climate change related training to public and private parties.

We also work with institutions and municipalities to put climate change plans into action. A good example of this is our work on a climate change action plan for Gaziantep, Turkey alongside our partner, BURGEAP. The first phase of the study consisted of the diagnosis of the city’s energy and GHG emissions balance, while the second phase was focused on actions for potential climate change mitigation and adaptation measures. The final results of the study allowed the city to define its priorities in terms of fight against climate change for the upcoming years. This initiative means the Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep will become a role model for the other regional local authorities, fostering change in the direction of sustainable development.

Who are we?

Environment and climate change services are delivered to public and private clients through two partner companies:

MAVI Consultants

is a BIHSE company based in Istanbul, comprising an independent and multidisciplinary team of international consultants committed to promoting sustainable development. One of the original leaders in the voluntary market, MAVI Consultants offers in-house developed, high quality offset projects with maximum environmental and social benefits for all the stakeholders. The team has extensive experience in Turkey, South East Europe and Africa. You can read more about MAVI here.



is a BIHSE company based in Köln, Germany. GITEC’s Environment and Climate Change team has been coordinating multidisciplinary expertise for sustainable development projects carried out by ministries, administrations and other governmental organisations for close to 20 years. You can read more about GITEC's activities in the field of environment and climate change here.


Climate Change Adaptation
and Risk Assessment

  • Environmental and climate change risk screening,
    Supply chain risk management
  • Assessment and management of climate risks
  • Climate proofing, Climate compatible international development
  • Making assets climate resilient
  • Adaptation impacts on investment portfolios
  • Awareness raising and capacity building: training,
    market reports and certification programs

Sustainable business development

  • Carbon offsetting, Climate neutral business
  • Carbon finance
  • Climate proofing
  • Climate management, Climate audit, Environmental
    and Social Impact Assessment
  • Awareness raising and capacity building
  • Market research

Carbon Project Services
in Voluntary Market

  • Due diligence of renewable energy projects
  • Carbon project documentation
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Validation and verification
  • Registration and issuance
  • Sales and brokerage of voluntary emission reductions