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GITEC has been contracted by GiZ to help develop a two-fold communication strategy in the framework of the ACCES programme that aims to reduce the impact of climate change on the availability of water and land resources in Burundi.

The objective of the communication strategy is to improve the population’s access to relevant and reliable information on weather and climate change. It especially targets awareness-raising and knowledge development for rural farmers, to enable them to adapt to climate change. An effective early warning system for extreme events related to excess rainfall, such as floods and landslides, or to a lack of precipitation, such as drought or fire, will also be established.

GITEC is providing consulting services to the ACCES team at GiZ and various stakeholders, such as local user groups, local authorities and state services in selected water catchment areas in particularly vulnerable regions, who will be responsible for implementing the communication strategy. The challenge is to help these stakeholders draw up and implement their own plans to manage and monitor adaptation measures to ensure that Burundi’s water and natural resources are managed sustainably and climate-sensitively.

Burundi’s population is strongly dependent on agriculture and therefore on water resources and soil. It is also characterized by endemic poverty, chronic food shortages and famine. It is thus particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change, which include rising temperatures, increased climate variability and extreme weather events.