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The county capital and Danube harbour city Galati is one of Romania’s leading centres for steel production and shipbuilding industry. Around 300,000 inhabitants are registered as citizens of the city, approx. 600,000 inhabitants are counted in the whole county of Galati. The Danube-Delta, which is stretching low of Galati is an area with very rich and unique animal and plant life, though critically impacted through water pollution from the neighbouring countries and the Danube cities, here most immediately Galati. By help of ISPA-funds water and wastewater infrastructure measures with a total investment volume of around EUR 92 million (incl. VAT) were financed to sustainably reduce part of the pollution and improve the sanitary and service quality in Galati.

Services Provided

Task A: Procurement Support
  • Designs and tender documents for FIDIC-type works contracts
  • Assistance in tender and contract award procedures
Task B: Assistance to Project Implementation Unit (PIU)
  • Project management support to PIU (training and capacity building)
  • Equipment supply for sampling, leak detection, GIS hard-/software
  • Development of industrial discharges compliance plan
  • Development of sludge disposal strategy
  • Regional water and wastewater master planning for Galati County
  • Development of strategies for a) leakage management, b) infiltration reduction, c) asset management and d) operation and maintenance
  • Establishment of hydraulic model for network calculation
Task C: Construction Supervision

Supervision of the implementation of the 3 Works Contracts A, B, C as FIDIC Engineer; contract and claims management

Task D: Preparation of Cohesion Fund Application for Stage 2 Investment Measures
  • Feasibility study for water/wastewater for Galati City
  • Compilation and harmonisation of feasibility studies for rural and semi-urban agglomerations of Galati County
  • Preparation and compilation of Cohesion Fund Application dossier for all identified agglomerations of Galati County, including:
    • Technical Analysis and Cost estimates
    • Tariff study for cost recovery
    • Institutional analysis
    • Regional sludge strategy
    • Environmental Impact Assessment
    • Financial and economic analysis (cost-benefit analysis)
    • Procurement strategy and implementation plan
  • Preparation of detailed design for water supply works
  • Preparation of detailed designs for Sewerage networks, Wastewater pumping stations financed under the Cohesion Fund
  • Preparation of conceptual design for several WWTPs with different capacities financed under the Cohesion Fund
  • Preparation of FIDIC-based tender documents for all water, sewerage (Red Book), WWTPs (Yellow Book) and sludge management investments financed under the EU Cohesion Fund.
Task E: Public Awareness and Publicity relating to the Measure

Organise publicity of the measure and awareness campaigns in order to inform the population on the measure and the improvements in the quality of the water services as well as the need to increase the tariffs that will cover the investment programme.

Facts and Figures

The three works contracts managed by us include:

Contract A: New Wastewater and Sludge Treatment Plant and Interceptor
  • A new WWTP provides primary and mechanical sewage as well as subsequent advanced sludge treatment with digester and dewatering unit for 372,000 PE and 63,500 m3/day
  • A new interceptor sewer with two wastewater pumping stations was provided with a length of 8.5 km
Contract B: Refurbishment of Potable Water and Sewer Networks
  • Replacement of 11 km well field trunk mains and of 70 km potable water pipes
  • Refurbishment and extension of 35 km sewer network
Contract C: Refurbishment of Drinking Water Treatment Plant (DWTP) Tiglina 2 (> 100,000 m3/d), Pumping Stations & Equipment
  • Installation of water filtration, instrumentation, control and data collection
  • Construction of 2 new water reservoirs (10.000 & 3.000 m³),
  • Construction of 2,900 m trunk water mains and 8 new booster pumping stations